It's Time to Heal.

Unlock a new level of well-being at our San Antonio clinic with our ketamine-facilitated therapies and advanced pain management techniques, all designed with your healing in mind.

It's Time to Restore Your Life

At Kairos Restorative Medicine, we provide healing and renewal for individuals experiencing recurring discomfort and mental stress. Our therapies, including ketamine-facilitated care, are tailored to elevate your journey to optimized well-being.

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What is Restorative Medicine?

Building a creative, thriving life can be challenging when recurring discomfort and stress hold you back. At Kairos Restorative Medicine, we blend ketamine therapies with advanced, evidence-backed techniques to foster the ideal conditions for your immediate progress. Our medical team has created a safe and nurturing environment dedicated to your healing and recovery.
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About Our Providers

We understand that rising from or dealing with recurring pain is a significant load on anyone. The data is clear: the stresses and imperfections of life have been shown to compound the severity of the discomfort and challenge. Our providers do not approach pain in a typical fashion. Our approach is different, not only in our mindset and understanding of what drives pain but also in our understanding of new and more effective treatments. Above all, our providers take pride in being trusted partners in your journey to improved well-being.

Our treatments are grounded in research, evidence, and proven experience.

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Ketamine Therapy

Extremely small doses of ketamine (an anesthetic commonly used in surgeries across the world for over 50 years) are now being applied in transformative ways to treat mood disorders and pain, including our specialized mood ketamine therapy and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP).

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Recurring discomfort impacts all aspects of life, not just physical health. Our coaching supports you through these challenges, focusing on the lesser-acknowledged effects of pain.

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Therapeutic Sound

Experience the calming and restorative benefits of a ketamine-assisted sound bath. This treatment uses vibrational sound frequencies to reduce stress and enhance mental clarity, complementing our holistic approach to wellness.

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Counseling and Trauma-Informed Therapy

Recurring discomfort and mood disorders can complicate daily activities. Our comprehensive counseling services, including trauma-informed therapy, help you navigate these challenges to regain balance and functionality.

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Integration Care and KAP Physical Therapy

Our innovative ketamine-facilitated therapies, including psychotherapy and physical therapy, enhance the positive outcomes of counseling and therapy. Contact us today to discover the power of these combinations.

What People Are Saying About Ketamine Therapy

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Step Into Healing. The Time is Now.

Wherever you are in your life, no matter what part of the journey to improved wellbeing you’re on, it’s time for you to heal.

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