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It’s Time to Heal.

In the ancient Greek language, “kairos” meant a specific moment or opportunity. It was often used to describe a favorable or propitious time for a particular action. For example, someone might say “kairos einai na pame” (it is the right time to go) when the current circumstances favored a particular outcome.

The concept of kairos was closely linked to the concept of opportunity and was often used to describe a moment when something remarkable could be done successfully.

When you found Kairos Restorative Medicine, you found the right time to start a remarkable new chapter in your healing journey.

What is Restorative Medicine?

Restorative medicine aims to help individuals recover from painful injuries or persistent conditions and return to living healthier and more productive lives.

It’s hard to build a creative, thriving life when chronic pain or mood disorders get in the way. At Kairos Restorative Medicine, we combine ketamine infusions with modern, evidence-based therapies to create optimum conditions for you to get the results you need right now. Our trusted providers have built a safe environment for healing and recovery.

Our Team

At Kairos, we put dignity above all else. You offer so much to the world. When you’re suffering from mood disorders or chronic pain, you can’t give your full self to the people and things you love. We see that value and want to ensure the world gets the full you. Our specially trained providers build on a foundation of integrity, creativity, and respect to help you through the healing journey.

Dr. Scott Phillips

Medical Director

Dr. Scott B. Phillips, M.D. received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Kentucky in his hometown of Lexington, before completing his Medical Degree at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Phillips completed a 7-year Neurological Surgery Residency at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI and then served 4 years on Active Duty in the United States Air Force as a Staff Neurosurgeon at the San Antonio Military Medical Center. After completing his time on active duty, he served the citizens of San Antonio, Texas before relocating to practice in Wichita Falls and the greater North Texas areas. Dr. Phillips is a strong advocate for patient education regarding the complexities, and often, misconceptions about neurosurgical and spine care and is dedicated to his patient’s outcomes regardless of whether he has a surgery to offer. This led him to research, embrace, and implement Modern Approaches to pain problems for both surgical and nonsurgical patients.

When Dr. Phillips is not caring for patients, his priority is spending time with his two sons. His additional interests include cooking, grilling, movies, mindfulness, traveling, swimming, soccer, robots, board games, chess, and video games. He owns a tent and camping gear, a bowling ball, a golf bag, an electric scooter, a moped, a guitar, and a ukulele and wishes he could use those more often. He likes many genres of music, but is drawn toward anything with horns, a keyboard, and a groovy 4 on-the-floor beat.

Dr. Andrew Bennett

Physical Therapist

Dr. Andrew Bennett, PT completed a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy at the University of South Alabama and after serving 4 years as a physical therapist on active duty in the United States Air Force, he received his Doctorate degree from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. Dr. Bennett is both board certified and fellowship trained and for nearly 25 years he’s treated and educated chronic pain patients and their families. Dr. Bennett has lectured on pain neuroscience at national conferences, been an invited speaker for state and local physician’s meetings and taught in fellowships and residencies across the country. His clinical experience and pain neuroscience knowledge have supported many to navigate the badlands of pain and enjoy a meaningful recovery from pain.

When not in the clinic, Dr. Bennett is likely to be found competing with his kids in a game of soccer, football, four-square, or one of the many made-up games the family has created. He is a weekend musician, a novice writer, and an entrepreneur. He frequently enjoys meaningful conversations exploring topics ranging from Texas barbecue to contemplative philosophy and mysticism while sipping Irish whiskey. Andrew lives in San Antonio, Texas with his wife Heather and their six children.

Christine Workman PA-C

Wichita Falls Clinic Director

Christine Workman, PA-C started her journey at the US Air Force Academy on a basketball scholarship. After receiving a medical discharge for injuries she sustained during her freshman year, she enrolled in and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor’s degree in both biology and chemistry. She earned her Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, where she graduated first in her class. Her training and clinical experience is in Emergency Medicine and Primary Care, where she developed a passionate focus on a holistic approach to her patient’s health.

Christine is married to her husband of 15 years, John, and they have two boys – Jackson and Christian. When she is not in the clinic she enjoys running, training for obstacle course races, being outdoors and spending time with her family.

Jen Meller

Integration Coach

Jen Meller has helped numerous clients recover from trauma and chronic pain in her years as a somatic practitioner and coach. Her approach to each client is holistic and highly customized as she believes that each journey is unique, and because no two people are the same, no two healing paths are identical.

Jen’s certifications and continued areas of study include Internal Family Systems (IFS),Somatic Experiencing (SE), Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy, Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), chronic pain, trauma, and polyvagal theory.

Jen’s favorite places to be are long hikes in nature, meeting friends for conversations over coffee, and anywhere in warm weather with flip flops and sunglasses.

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